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What is Montessori?

The Montessori Philosophy

Through her research, Dr. Maria Montessori founded the "Child's Method". It was by observation of the child that Montessori was able to serve their needs. Because of her work, we know this pedagogy as the Montessori Method.

What is this method?

"Montessori education builds a child’s capability to become a fulfilled and productive adult able to contribute to the world—at home, at work, and in their community. Maria Montessori’s observation of human development from birth to adulthood led to an education approach that supports children’s natural development, providing the skills and support to reach their full potential in life. With a strong emotional, behavioural, and moral foundation, children become motivated, active, and independent learners who are prepared for the real world." (AMI, about Montessori)

Outdoor Education


Within our consumerist society, we have made Montessori into a mainstream idea that promotes having the perfect shelf and furniture for children to aid in their independence. 

Montessori is more than just a pretty shelf of wooden toys. Every detail is intentional and although you may see many lovely materials in the classroom, you don't need to purchase it all for home. Montessori should be accessible. Most materials can be made at home out of materials you find lying around. Independence can be built through everyday activities and housework. 


Montessori is meant to be accessible to all families. You don't need to create a Montessori school at home but you can prepare your environment to help nurture and develop your child. I hope to bring that to more families.

Family with Tablet
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